Should I Choose Red or Blue?

We have now entered the portion of the election cycle where both major parties are pushing into the final stretch of campaigning towards election day. Many Christians are wondering how they should vote while others have already made up their minds. Like it or not, because of the way this election cycle has run, everyone has an opinion. Unfortunately, these opinions often are so strong that they cause rifts in our society and even within the Church. When I speak of the Church, I am not referencing a denomination. In fact, Jesus didn’t reference a denomination during His earthly ministry. Denominations are a man-made concept. Additionally, you should understand the Church does not mean ph

Jesus In The Moment

Over the many years of ministry, I have witnessed people who were struggling with the call of the Lord to salvation because they were afraid of losing the lives they were accustomed to living. Many of us can look at a person and see them struggling with the need to surrender their will to Jesus. Often they come to the doorstep of salvation and then turn away to say they will do it when they get their life together or once they get older and settle down, then they will commit to the Lord. Does this sound familiar to you? I often look and think, "How do you know there is a tomorrow for you"? Several years ago, many of us on the Eastern Coast of the United States dealt with a super storm na

10 Minutes

Ten minutes. That’s ten one minute intervals. 10 minutes. That isn’t a long period of time, or is it? What would you do if you had ten extra minutes in your day? Could you figure out how to use that time? Families as well as individuals carry packed schedules full of appointments, obligations and other time consuming activities. Most people feel like the alarm sounds too quickly in the morning and the new work day appears immediately after the prior one ended. Time between days seem to be a blur.If you had that ten extra minutes, would you sleep for ten minutes?Would you take a longer lunch? Maybe you would talk to your friends for ten more minutes.There are so many choices. What if


He was a young boy, much like any other, looking and wondering what he would be when he grew up. He was faithful to his family traditions and he was a good person. One day, when contemplating his future, his thoughts were interrupted by an encounter. He heard a voice. Not just any voice but the voice of God! He was told that he would not die until he would see the Savior of the World. And then, it was silent! "What happened?", he thought. "Was I dreaming? Was it something I ate? It couldn't be since I felt the voice permeate through my body, my spirit and my soul. It was if He knew me and I recognized his voice. What manner of message was this? Is the Messiah REALLY coming soon?

The Ultimate Stress Relief

Stress is a part of daily life for most people.It comes from job demands, family expectations, relationships, personal goals, interactions in public places and of course traffic. I read an article from October 2014 on the website that stated “1 in 5 people quantify their stress level as “extremely high"". In other words, 20%of the U.S. population considered their stress levels extremely high! Can you imagine what that percentage is in 2016? The stress triggers mentioned above are just a sample list of the causes of stress. Personally, sitting in extended traffic jams can cause stress for me. I recently had to endure two different jobs where the minimum daily commute was three

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