The Power in Simplicity - Part 2

In “The Power in Simplicity – Part 1”, we briefly explored how Jesus provided power through simplicity. When you read all of the accounts of Jesus ministering to people, they were not complicated rituals where he spoke in words or depth that the hearer could not understand. He just declared who He is and then He healed, provided and gave revelation. Power was demonstrated through simplicity. This concept is also true when it comes to prayer. We began exploring the powerful simplicity demonstrated in the Lord’s Prayer, found in Matthew 6:8-13. Now, let’s finish what we started. “Your kingdom come…” – Jesus is agreeing with the will of the Father and petitioning that His Kingdom come. Je

Four Key Qualities of Successful Leaders

Leadership is an essential skill for any organization. Not only do businesses need good leaders but church needs them also. Church leaders, especially Pastors, need to lead their flock so that spiritual as well as practical growth is experienced. Several years ago, I wrote an article about the importance of leadership. This article targeted the business world as well as the church world. As I look at today's society and the issues that face us at all levels (government, business, church, community, home, etc.), I believe it is appropriate to share this article once again. Hopefully the brief points made in this article will positively impact your life. *** In this ever-changing business

The Power in Simplicity - Part 1

“Keep it simple”. I often heard people speak those words to me early in my secular career. Maybe it was because I had a habit of over complicating explanations and tasks. “There is always a slight in everything”. In other words, there is always an easier way to get a job done. My grandfather used this phrase when he taught my father how to work. His point was people often make a simple task into major projects. If we take a step back and examine what we are ultimately trying to accomplish, we often see a simple and straight forward way of completing the task. Complications seem to be a habit with people. When it comes to prayer, there seems to be no end to the level of complexity tha

Don't Fear

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” - Luke 12:32 (NKJV) From the time of childhood through our adult years, everyone has to address various fears in their lives. Some of you might not admit it but fears of different types face you on a daily basis. When you were small, it may have been a fear of the dark or clowns or animals. While in your school age years, it may have been the fear of a particular teacher or the fear of failing. As an adult, it may be the fear of failure at a job, in your relationships or any number of things. I would tell you that it is normal to be faced with fears. The key is to never let your fears take root

It’s Okay To Act As A Child

“You act worse than a child!” “Act your age!” “Will you grow up!” These are all phrases I am sure you have heard. Maybe they were directed towards you. Maybe it was said to someone you know. Or maybe you recently said it. Either way, we often tell people that acting like a child is no way to conduct oneself. But maybe that isn’t completely true. Have you considered that acting childish could be a good thing? Not to mention rewarding. I can hear many “Bible Scholars” thinking, “the scriptures say to put away childish things” (1 Cor. 13:11). Please understand that I am not ignoring Paul’s epistle or creating some new doctrine. In fact, I’m only agreeing with Jesus in Mark 10:15 whe

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