Finding Christ In Christmas

Christmas is one of the most beloved times of the year. Images abound of people sitting in front of warm fireplaces on snowy days, families selecting trees to decorate for the Christmas season and seasonal foods that we wait all year to enjoy. It's during this time that we hear Christmas music in the shopping malls, smells of baked goods all around and families traveling distances to see synchronized light displays. I remember that as a small child, after a snowfall, we would go for a wonderful outing on the sled. The benefit for me was I did most of the riding while other family members did the pulling and pushing. Ah, what a life! Wonderful, lifelong memories were generated based on these

How Far Would You Go?

How committed would you be based on a word? If you were visited by an angel of God, how committed would you be to that message years after the visitation? Would “life” take over and interfere with your commitment? Would you begin to question whether what you heard was true? Do you think you would allow it to become just a “story”? Recently, I was thinking about the Christmas season inclusive of the nativity event. My thoughts began with the account of the birth of Jesus and the fact that they had no better accommodations than a manger. But quickly, something sparked my interest. How long and involved was the journey for Mary and Joseph? What must it have been like for such a young co

The Road To Destiny

No matter our age, each of us has hope for the future. These plans may include living in a larger house, attaining a degree in your specified field, traveling to other parts of the globe and more. This hope is what drives us to push forward in life with an expectation that we will get closer to those goals. Oftentimes, much like a competitor in a long-distance race, we are “winded” due to the strong headwinds of life. Each time this occurs, we wonder why we stay in this race. These “winded” moments are great for our stamina and our confidence. It is at these times that our “perceived” limits are reached and a realization of our “expanded” limits are embraced. Although most of us know t

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