Bring The Blessing!

No matter our career, no matter what state we live, we should want to bring "The Blessing" into our lives. I'm not referring to finding a dime on the sidewalk or someone buying you a meal at Chick-fil-a (I really do love Chick-fil-a!). I'm referring to major blessings. Let's think about the story of Jesus attending the wedding as recounted in John 2. If I asked you what happened at the wedding and you said he turned water into wine, you would be correct. But there is much more to this story if we look closer. Jesus obviously knew the Bride or the Groom and He intended to just celebrate with the couple. But, as He enjoyed the celebration with His family, a problem arose. They ran out

Embrace The Passion

How often do you read the Bible? Once a day? Once a week? Maybe once a month when it is a good month? When you do read the Bible, do you follow a plan or do you randomly choose something to read? I know that some parts of the Bible are more difficult to understand than others but it is important for us to read and study the entire Bible. Jesus reminded us in John 6:63 that His words are spirit and they are life. Therefore, because our fundamental desire is to live, Jesus wants us to know that true living can only be found through His word. Because of the importance of His word, I love the mentality and passion displayed by the Bereans as mentioned in Acts 17. This group of people show

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