Rise Up!

The calendar says Spring is here! Time for the trees to bloom and the temperatures to begin to hit the seventies here in the Mid-Atlantic. Wait! Did we just have snow? Really? I guess it is true the actual weather sometimes must catch up to the calendar! When it snowed earlier this week, I was a bit disappointed that Winter was trying its best to hold on. Nevertheless, I knew God’s word would always be true: “While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night Shall not cease.” - Genesis 8:22 Therefore, since I had my fill of Winter, Summer had to be on its way! As the snow began to taper off earlier this week, I did what all great family

The Rocks Will Cry Out!

Praise God! Hosanna! Thank you, Jesus! All of these are expressions of thankfulness we hear when prayers are answered or things go our way. Usually you hear this when people have been desperate for an answer and suddenly the answer is manifested. Oh, what a feeling! For those who have ever experienced a deep need for intervention and you struggled to keep your faith while waiting for the Lord to open a door, when the answer to your prayers and pleas arrive, it seems like a heavy weigh lifted from your shoulders. Do you agree? We should cherish each moment of answered prayer. It is at these points that we gain proven material of His faithfulness, which strengthens us to believe even m

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