Music In The Air

It’s summertime and the sound of music seems to be everywhere. R&B, Rock, Pop, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Jazz, Rap, Blue Grass and countless other types of music. Wherever you live, on a Saturday afternoon, go to a corner in town and just listen. Everyone seems to be “happy” to share their music with you at unmistakable volumes! The other observation experienced, which can also be amusing, is the way the music causes the listener to move. Some are so involved that they believe they are performing a concert while in their vehicle. Others attempt to sing notes they were never created to sing! Ah, the sounds of Summer. Within the Church, we often classify music. Depending on the loca

Do Not Cast The First Stone

In John 8, there is a wonderful account of Jesus addressing “everyday life” issues. This story, covered in just a few verses, teaches us an important lesson when addressing the people around us. You see, in today’s society, it is ordinary to accuse, judge and criticize people before knowing the whole story. You can find countless examples of this by viewing social media. In the Bible account, we find Jesus in the temple along with many others. When He was approached by the scribes and Pharisees, they thrust in front of Him a woman caught in adultery. Just so everyone understands, adultery is when a married person has sexual relations with someone other than their spouse. Once Jesus see

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