10 Minutes

Ten minutes. That’s ten one minute intervals. 10 minutes. That isn’t a long period of time, or is it? What would you do if you had ten extra minutes in your day? Could you figure out how to use that time?

Families as well as individuals carry packed schedules full of appointments, obligations and other time consuming activities. Most people feel like the alarm sounds too quickly in the morning and the new work day appears immediately after the prior one ended. Time between days seem to be a blur.If you had that ten extra minutes, would you sleep for ten minutes?Would you take a longer lunch? Maybe you would talk to your friends for ten more minutes.There are so many choices.

What if you used those ten minutes read the Bible? Just one chapter. Or you could pray to ensure your day is full of the Lord’s presence. I know, many will say ten minutes is not enough but if you start with ten minutes, you will see remarkable changes in your life. In fact, those dedicated ten minutes will cause you to want to expand to fifteen minutes! If you use the time to pray, you will find yourself focused and able to address the challenges and responsibilities in each day.You’ll also find yourself wanting to spend more time in prayer. Truthfully, it will become less awkward, more natural and a necessary part of your daily activities.

I encourage you to take the 10 Minute Challenge.

There is nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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