Jesus In The Moment

Over the many years of ministry, I have witnessed people who were struggling with the call of the Lord to salvation because they were afraid of losing the lives they were accustomed to living. Many of us can look at a person and see them struggling with the need to surrender their will to Jesus. Often they come to the doorstep of salvation and then turn away to say they will do it when they get their life together or once they get older and settle down, then they will commit to the Lord. Does this sound familiar to you? I often look and think, "How do you know there is a tomorrow for you"?

Several years ago, many of us on the Eastern Coast of the United States dealt with a super storm named Sandy. It was an impressive set of storms that merged into one enormous storm. For a week in advance, newscasters were warning that Sandy could be a deadly storm and they were correct. Unfortunately, the precise point of landfall was not known until it struck land. Everyone watched as the skies turned dark, the winds howled and rain, along with areas of sleet, pounded houses, cars, trees and anything else in its path. I am certain that many people called on Jesus in their moment of concern and uncertainty. When you see water breaching the doors and windows of homes, streets turned into rivers and homes mistaken for boats, I believe many people realized it was time to stop the delay and call on the name of Jesus. Some probably said, "Lord, if you get me out of this, I will ....". Does that sound familiar?

If you have had one of those situations that caused you to "bring Jesus into the moment”, I have to ask whether you followed through with your commitment? Do you remember what you told Him you would do? Please take this time to commit to Jesus. Follow through with your promise. He'll be there to help you.

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