Should I Choose Red or Blue?

We have now entered the portion of the election cycle where both major parties are pushing into the final stretch of campaigning towards election day. Many Christians are wondering how they should vote while others have already made up their minds. Like it or not, because of the way this election cycle has run, everyone has an opinion. Unfortunately, these opinions often are so strong that they cause rifts in our society and even within the Church.

When I speak of the Church, I am not referencing a denomination. In fact, Jesus didn’t reference a denomination during His earthly ministry. Denominations are a man-made concept. Additionally, you should understand the Church does not mean physical buildings or architecture. I am referencing the Church worldwide which consists of a body of Christian Believers from all walks of life and locations. In other words, it is the living, breathing representation of Jesus on the Earth.

I have often felt concerned for the Church and now that countless people have become deeply divided over politics, my concern has deepened. The Lord did not create the Church to have it divided but He intended “that they may all be one” (John 17:21). We must always remember that politics will always exist but our love for one another and our need to seek the Lord’s desire in all situations must always supersede political views. When we take this approach, we can be confident that His will is done. I acknowledge that this can be difficult because our emotions often want to lead the way but this is the perfect time to live by the revelation of John the Baptist when he said in John 3:30, “He must increase, but I must decrease” (NKJV). This can be difficult for many to do but it will allow you to know you did the will of the Lord.

Recently, I attended a global leadership conference for Pastors and I heard a speaker mention a very important point that we should all remember. He said we should all pray that the Lord brings a Malachi or Joseph alongside whoever becomes the next President of the United States. That would mean the President would have wise, Godly counsel when making decisions. I agree with that speaker and I realize the Lord can change the heart of anyone who sits in the Oval Office. Therefore, I am going to incorporate that prayer daily. What about you? Will you join me to pray for a Malachi or Joseph for the next President? Will you purpose to love your Brothers and Sisters in Christ and not let politics separate you?

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