Transformative Words That Could Save Your Marriage

Marriage is a great thing but it can also be difficult. God knew how precious marriage was when He brought together Adam and Eve in the first marriage in the Garden of Eden. Like He does in Godly marriages today, He personally watched the joy that filled Adam’s heart when he saw this beautiful creature named Eve coming towards him. Excited, smiling from ear to ear, he didn’t know what to say except these long lasting words, “This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh…”. She came from him and fit him perfectly! It was love at first sight! How many of you can say that about your spouse?

Adam and Eve probably figured life together would be perfect from that point forward. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way. Temptations, problems and sin presented themselves which caused stress upon their marriage. Today, many marriages are also facing temptations, problems, sin and stress. When you were first married, everything may have seemed perfect. The sun was probably shining and the birds were singing as you said, “I do”. In your eyes, it was perfect. Then came job pressures, extended family issues, financial burdens, children and much more. The wedding bliss disappeared and you are probably wondering, “what happened?” To make matters worse, the weight of these pressures most likely began straining, choking and almost destroying the love between you and your spouse. Well, I have some news for you. You are not the first to have experienced this but there are transformations that can occur based on a few simple words.

God intends for your marriage to be strong and vibrant but our flesh can sometimes get in the way. Due to the pressures mentioned above, you might not have as much patience for your spouse as you should. You may snap or yell instead of calmly speaking. Time together may have become non-existent and you may have shown disinterest in the things that bring enjoyment to your spouse. You may even get offended by perceived gestures from your spouse.

The first step to fixing your marriage is to ask the Lord to come into your marriage and fix things. That includes your heart and mind in addition to your spouse’s heart. Next comes a major step of transformation that only you can do. Are you ready? Go to your spouse and say, “I’m sorry”. I know you may think all of the blame should be put upon your spouse but in most marriages, blame goes both way. Begin the healing process by saying you are sorry for any harsh words and neglect. Then ask your spouse to forgive you. I know this can be difficult but it begins the process of lowering the walls of separation and allows the Lord to pour healing into the marriage. If you take the first step and let the Lord move upon your spouse’s heart, you can begin to see transformations.

Marriages are a good thing and transformations begin by saying these simple words: “I’m sorry”.

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