More Than Enough

It is easy for me to say "God IS more than enough"! I say this through personal experience but I realize that sometimes, when people are in the midst of a trial, the power of this statement is not fully received. Unfortunately, the magnitude of this statement cannot be appreciated until you go through a "storm" and you see the "God of more than enough" intervening for you. At that moment, the realization of His love, His awesome power and His faithfulness are truly revealed. He approaches the situation, sometimes at seemingly the very last moment, with confidence and peace. Even when we feel like disaster is about to strike, He reminds us that He is forever faithful.

I was recently reading an article in which it was stated that the term "fear not" appears in the Bible 365 times. If that is true, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what God wants us to do. Trust Him every day of the year because He really is more than enough! Can you trust Him?

A few years ago, an incident arose that caused my wife and daughter to fully trust Him. They were attending a wedding rehearsal over 50 miles from home and the rehearsal didn't end until late evening. At the conclusion of the rehearsal, they got in the van and headed home through the highway traffic. After traveling a short distance on the highway, their vehicle began to stutter and it appeared as though it was going to completely cut off on the highway. At that moment, they literally put their hands on the dashboard and prayed. Then they declared to the van, "you WILL continue to run and get us home in Jesus' Name"! Believe me when I say that if you weren't a praying person, you would not have wanted to be in the vehicle at that moment!

At this point, they still had over two-thirds of their trip remaining so continuous prayer was happening. For those who live in the Maryland area, you realize there are two sets of tunnels that take you through the Baltimore Harbor in order for you to travel South. Well, they braved the one lane tunnel, made it safely to the other side and then continued the remainder of the way home. They were within one mile of the home when the vehicle gave out. The steering ceased and the power abated. My wife had to gracefully coast to a resting point. Once stopped, they were able to call me and I arrived shortly thereafter.

They experienced the God of More Than Enough even when the steering became unreliable and the acceleration continued to diminish while cars sped by them at full speed. Both of them testify of His goodness even today. When I think about this incident and numerous other ones in our lives, I agree with the song that says,

"I'm living in the overflow,

Expect the supernatural,

I'm living in the overflow,

I'm ready for a miracle,

For you My God are more than enough"!

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