The Road To Destiny

No matter our age, each of us has hope for the future. These plans may include living in a larger house, attaining a degree in your specified field, traveling to other parts of the globe and more. This hope is what drives us to push forward in life with an expectation that we will get closer to those goals. Oftentimes, much like a competitor in a long-distance race, we are “winded” due to the strong headwinds of life. Each time this occurs, we wonder why we stay in this race. These “winded” moments are great for our stamina and our confidence. It is at these times that our “perceived” limits are reached and a realization of our “expanded” limits are embraced.

Although most of us know this but most goals worth achieving take great focus and effort. The achievements you will remember the most are those that cost you something. Ask any athlete, successful businessman, teacher or parent. Time, effort and perseverance are needed.

When we consider our God-designed destiny, we must understand that it usually does not come instantaneously. Most will encounter trials and setbacks along the way but with God’s grace, we are able to overcome them all to achieve the destiny God created for us. God allows some of the trials because it makes us stronger so that we can “breathe in the air at the higher altitude”!

From a Biblical perspective, Mary and Joseph also had a destiny. They had the honor and privilege to take part in the Messiah’s birth into this world and His growth. What an awesome honor! As they found out, their road to destiny was not easy. At the end of Mary’s pregnancy, she and Joseph were required to travel 120 miles to Bethlehem due to the census. To put this in proper context, they had to travel by foot and donkey through unpaved roads and over hills in order to reach their destination 120 miles away. Today, no one intentionally walks 120 miles. Mary and Joseph had to persevere to meet with destiny. For men who do not truly understand the grace God had to pour upon Mary in order to complete the journey, go ask a woman who has been pregnant about how difficult it is to walk in their ninth month of pregnancy. Fortunately, for us, they both met with destiny and the Messiah arrived as foretold.

Your destiny is only “steps” away. Make sure you persevere through the “winded” times so that you can arrive and meet your destiny. Never lose hope in God because He will always be there to pour out His grace so that you can make it.

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