Trusting When You Don't Understand

I recently discovered a message we shared at our church some time ago that highlighted points that are as relevant today as they were when this topic was originally shared. It was based on a familiar scripture found in Proverbs 3:5-6.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; 6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct[a] your paths.

The scripture tells us to trust in the Lord. Not only when it is easy and we see where we are going but also when we have no idea where we are going or why certain things occur around us. The Bible commands us to trust God with all our being, without hesitation! I know and certainly God knows that it is difficult for many people to trust at that level but He encourages us to try. His absolute promise is if we trust Him, He will direct our path in life. It doesn’t restrict His involvement only to big events but to all aspects of our lives. Complete trust results in complete direction.

Not long ago, while my wife and I were having breakfast at a restaurant, we engaged in a conversation with a wonderful waitress. We knew there was something special about her because we could sense the Spirit of God in here before we ever spoke with her. As she took our order and we continued to talk, we discovered more of her story.

The waitress, who we will name “Mary”, told us her husband of twenty-five years decided to leave her for another woman in the church. Believe it or not, the woman was her best friend at the church! The feeling of betrayal must have been deep! Because of that unexpected separation and divorce, her finances were dramatically impacted. She ended up losing just about everything.

Not long afterwards, she was told she had cancer. If that wasn’t difficult enough to digest, she then lost her health insurance around the same time. A major diagnosis, no spouse, no finances and no insurance. “Mary” was beside herself! She had no idea “why” this was happening to her but fortunately, she decided to trust God even though she didn’t understand why this was happening. She committed to God that she would live from His hand day to day.

God proved to be faithful. “Mary” had eleven surgeries and she didn’t have to pay a dime! For each surgery, God provided a means for payment. She didn’t owe anything! “Mary” trusted the Lord with all her heart so He directed her path. After she recovered from the surgeries, she needed to find a job. Once again, “Mary” put her concern before God. Not long afterwards, a person “happened” to call her and ask if she wanted a job. Of course, she said “yes”!

As you might imagine, we continued to talk even after our food came. It was probably the longest breakfast we had ever had but the testimony was so uplifting that we didn’t want it to end. Before the conversation ended, she told us about other wonderful things God did for her that just left us in awe of God’s goodness. You see, she experienced tragedy that she didn’t “deserve”. It is true that she went through a brief phase of crying and wondering why these things happened to her, but she gained her composure and committed her heart and life to God. Once she made that commitment, restoration began to materialize in her life. It is marvelous in her eyes!

What about you? Does life seem to “throw things your way” that cause stress and hardship? Do you sometimes feel like you are on a sinking ship even though you thought you did everything right? The best thing you can do is to trust God when you don’t understand.

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