Embrace The Passion

How often do you read the Bible? Once a day? Once a week? Maybe once a month when it is a good month? When you do read the Bible, do you follow a plan or do you randomly choose something to read? I know that some parts of the Bible are more difficult to understand than others but it is important for us to read and study the entire Bible. Jesus reminded us in John 6:63 that His words are spirit and they are life. Therefore, because our fundamental desire is to live, Jesus wants us to know that true living can only be found through His word.

Because of the importance of His word, I love the mentality and passion displayed by the Bereans as mentioned in Acts 17. This group of people showed an attitude that we should have all the days of our lives. Once they heard the word of God, they immediately went to research to see if what they heard was true. This demonstrated a desire to hear and receive God’s direction as long as they could see it was in the scriptures. We should always care enough to research what we think, hear and read to ensure that it is based on the word of God. Most Pastors and Bible Teachers love it when those who hear what has been said follow-up with their own personal study time. This reinforces the message and grows each person’s faith.

Once the Bereans saw the truths Paul preached were based on the scriptures, they gladly received Jesus as their Messiah. I believe that while they were searching the scriptures, the Holy Spirit was confirming in their hearts the truths spoken by Paul. Because they invested their time to research Paul’s sayings, they received the reward of salvation. What is more impressive is no economic group was left out. It wasn’t just the poor or those struggling that received Jesus. It also included “Greeks, prominent women and men”. A great harvest resulted from those who had a willingness to listen and were eager to search for the truth.

Today, I would encourage you to keep your flame burning bright and your passion strong. Always search the Bible for answers to your problems and questions. Although some do not realize it, the Bible provides answers for your spiritual, practical and emotional questions. You just have to be like the Bereans and receive the word with all “readiness and search the scriptures daily”.

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