Are You A Christian?

When asked, “Are you a Christian”, what is your answer? Most people would say the answer should be “yes” or “no”. At the surface, they would be correct but I want you to look a little deeper. For those who would say they are Christians, I would ask, “How do you know?”

A number of years ago, I innocently asked these questions of a personal acquaintance. Her response was to tell me the name of her church as proof that she was a Christian. Therefore, belonging to the “1st Denominational Church on Main Street, U.S.A.” validated her status as a Christian. Just for the sake of "research", I continued the conversation by saying, “well, that is the name of your church but how do you know you are a Christian?” At this point, she looked very confused. She paused for a few moments and then repeated what she said earlier. “I am a member of 1st Denominational Church on Main Street, U.S.A.” Just to be certain she heard my question correctly, I repeated it again and she gave me the same response.

Many people you ask today would provide a similar answer when posed with these questions. Although it seems like the correct response, it does not truly answer the question. In fact, it shows a misunderstanding of what it means to be a Christian. From a Biblical perspective, Christians are expected to be associated with a local assembly (church) but being associated with a local assembly does not mean you are a Christian. In the simplest definition, a Christian is a Christ-follower. This means one who commits to His direction and His teachings. The intent is to have Christ as the centerpiece of your life so that everything you do reflects Him.

Having Jesus as the centerpiece of your life only comes from a personal surrender and commitment to Him. Every person has to make that personal commitment to truly be a Christian. It is not the number of nice deeds you do nor the number of times a day you pray or how “holy” your lifestyle seems to other people. It is only through your personal commitment to Jesus that you truly become a Christian, a new creation.

Have you committed yourself to Him? Have you had your own personal encounter? Do not delay. Jesus is waiting.

Note: If you want more information about becoming a Christian or how to live your life the way Jesus wants you to live, feel fee to email us at

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