God's Timing

After endless conversations with the Lord where I have asked Him, “Why?” and seemingly countless thoughts analyzing why God selects the timing that He does, I have concluded that God knows more than I do. This may seem like an obvious conclusion but indulge me for a moment while I explain this “revelation”.

All of us in our lives have experienced a moment where we felt as though we really needed God to intervene at the specific time we requested. The timeline we imagined seemed like the absolute latest point where God needed to “do something” on our behalf. I mean, we thought about it and analyzed it every way possible therefore we knew our timing was accurate. We surmised that all would be lost if God did not do something by that “line in the sand”. We waited. We looked. We prayed. We even pleaded. We did everything that we could think of to get God to act as we requested. When the deadline approached, we thought, “surely God has heard me, and He will respond”. And then, something breath-taking happened. God did nothing!

Think about it for a moment. You did everything you knew to do. You stood in faith that our God, who declares He is Love, would come to our rescue. So, you asked yourself, WHAT HAPPENED? The answer is, “God’s Timing”. You see, when we do our analysis and determine what needs to happen by a specific time, we analyze based on limited variables. In other words, we do not have a total picture of the situation. Only God does.

Naturally, during these times when it seems that God is doing “nothing”, we begin to question ourselves and we question God’s attentiveness and His love. Based on experiencing these moments more than once, I have learned that I do not need to question but I need to trust. I have learned that when I look at God’s history in my life, He has ALWAYS come through for me, BUT it has been in His timing. His timing has ALWAYS been superior to what I could have imagined. He had the complete picture and answered me at the perfect time. Trusting is the key.

Martha and Mary had to learn this concept when their brother, Lazarus, was sick. They understood that Jesus had the power to heal Lazarus, so they called on Him to come quickly. Instead, Jesus lingered and did not respond quickly. While He lingered, Lazarus died. Finally, when Jesus came to Martha and Mary, they confronted Him and told Jesus He should have been there for Lazarus. If He had, they reasoned, Lazarus would not have died.

When you think about it, their logic seems sound. Why allow a person to die? But Jesus knew He had to save not only Lazarus but countless others who would believe BECAUSE of how He addressed Lazarus’ situation. You see, Martha and Mary did not have all of those “variables”. They did not realize that Jesus intended to raise Lazarus from death to life and save countless others. The Lord was always near even when they did not see Him. Many people were saved because of God’s Timing.

No matter how many times it seems that the Lord does not “respond”, just trust in Him.

God’s timing

He knows ALL the variables!


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