It's Time To Pivot!

Christmas 2017 is almost here. Countless people briskly driving on the roads to accomplish their last-minute shopping. Families beginning to depart to visit distant relatives. Others looking forward to a few days of quiet. With all of the rush to prepare, it is easy to forget to slow down and celebrate the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

In Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago, the Hope of all creation lay for all to see. Immanuel, God With Us! For in that moment, Heaven came to Earth. The King of Kings bridged the gap that had existed for centuries between God and Man. Because of His love for us, He moved Heaven and Earth to bring us hope, salvation and life evermore. It was such a major event that the Wise Men traveled long distances to see this once in eternity event, shepherds left their sheep and ran to see what the angels had declared to them and a star was commissioned to shine a light of hope that pointed directly to the new born Savior. What an awesome privilege it must have been to be there in person!

This Christmas season, I invite you to do something different. During times of prayer, the Lord has been emphasizing to me that it is time to pivot. What He means is we must continue to remember the precious time of His earthly birth in Bethlehem but also pivot to look forward with excitement towards His soon return. You see, Christmas is intended to be a time of remembering what He has done AND what He is about to do.

Jesus’ love for us is immeasurable. The depth goes beyond human words. Because of this, He has arranged for us to live with Him forever. As He promised, He will come again for all who believe in His Name. He didn’t say “some who believe” but “all who believe”. Hopefully, that is everyone who is reading this blog.

Additionally, I continue to sense the nearness of His return. I cannot tell you the exact day, hour or minute but I know it is close. As I have spoken and listened to many people across the country, they are also sensing the nearness of His return. Therefore, we must remember to look back with thanksgiving to His birth in Bethlehem but pivot to look forward with anticipation and enthusiasm to His return.

Remember to embrace this Christmas with all of your heart and with true anticipation.

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