Ten Thousand Tongues

When I think about the years that have past, inclusive of my younger days up to today, I realize that I have always been fascinated by different languages and dialects. It is amazing to me that there are so many languages and with each language, countless variations based on geographic locations and influences. In fact, I am so captivated by the vastness of God’s creativity with languages that I often listen to conversations to determine where the dialect originated. In an inquisitive way, I frequently engage in conversations with people regarding their accents. You see, they are all wonderful and express God’s endless creativity.

In high school, I was so amazed with other languages that I enrolled in French courses for four years. At one point, I had a brief idea that I would be a linguist. Then reality set in! I concluded that I enjoyed the culture and communication but not the grammar nor the effort it would take to really master the language.

In churches everywhere, people have stated that if they had 10,000 tongues, it would not be enough to praise Him. I have realized that although I only remember one language, I will use that language and my one tongue to praise the Lord. You see, each year I realized the countless things the Lord did for me which caused me to want to use that tongue to praise Him louder and louder. The list of His blessings continues to grow. Each time I think about the alternative outcomes which He kept me from, I burst into praise for His mercy and goodness! Over the years, I have noticed the loudest Praisers are those who have been delivered from something.

If God has delivered you from something in your life, use your tongue and your language to join me in praising Him for His goodness.

Ready? Set. PRAISE HIM!

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