A Salute To Mothers

“Sit down!” “Shhhh!” “Don’t do that!” “I love you.” “Come here, baby.” “You can do it.” “Everything will be alright.” “That’s my baby!” “I’m proud of you.” Do these phrases sound familiar? Have you heard them before in your lifetime? Believe it or not, they can all come from the same person! This person cares for the family and looks out for their welfare. I am talking about mothers. It always amazes me how an expectant Mom can carry a baby around for nine months and go through the trials of labor and still love the newborn child! It must be God’s love placed inside of her.

Often, I think about my Mom and those who God sent in my life as Mother figures and how they positively impacted me to achieve and succeed. They loved me enough to correct me and encourage me, sometimes at the same time.

Moms know how to show God’s love by wanting the best for their children and will gladly make sacrifices to ensure you get the best. Many times, the sacrifices they make are not seen by the children, but they are there, nonetheless. In this era of mobile devices, schedules packed full of activities and “always on” connectivity to the world, it is difficult to stop and think about the wonderful things your mother has done for you. Pause with me for a moment and remember the love she has shared with you.

When I was a child, we didn’t have an abundance of money (to say the least) but my Mom would make us snow cones from the snow that fell. She would add vanilla, sugar and other ingredients that made it a wonderful treat. It was her way of showing love with what we had. So, the question is, how can you show your love to your Mother this day and throughout the year? We get caught up into thinking we need to give expensive gifts on Mothers’ Day and birthdays but what matters most is that you give what you can, with the love in your heart. God has blessed us with a wonderful gift, called Mothers, which we should not take for granted.

Remember your Mother this month and every month of the year.

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