Music In The Air

It’s summertime and the sound of music seems to be everywhere. R&B, Rock, Pop, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Jazz, Rap, Blue Grass and countless other types of music. Wherever you live, on a Saturday afternoon, go to a corner in town and just listen.

Everyone seems to be “happy” to share their music with you at unmistakable volumes! The other observation experienced, which can also be amusing, is the way the music causes the listener to move. Some are so involved that they believe they are performing a concert while in their vehicle. Others attempt to sing notes they were never created to sing! Ah, the sounds of Summer.

Within the Church, we often classify music. Depending on the local church, the individual talent and the preferences of the members, certain styles are preferred over others. In many cases, they have talented musicians and singers sharing the joy of the Gospel through song. But I wonder what would happen if we didn’t have musical instruments for a Sunday. Would the enthusiasm for praise and worship still exist? Would it impact the connection some feel with the Lord while the music is playing? How would you honestly react? I hope your experience in church would still be strong and your connection with the Lord is not dependent on an instrument.

Music has great power and the Lord knows it. The mood of listeners can easily change based on the type of music played. In the Bible, David used music to calm King Saul on multiple occasions. Throughout history, drums were used by countless armies to hype their soldiers. Music has power.

Knowing this, we need to realize that music is still powerful when you only have your voice and your ten stringed instrument (your hands). In the early church, most local assemblies did not have instruments but that did not keep them from speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord”. We must remember that praise and worship can erupt in any place or at any time. It is only dependent on our willingness to make music from our hearts, not whether we have the proper instruments. Music erupting from the heart can be more anointed, more powerful, more life-changing and more precious than music “performed” with all the instrumental accompaniment.

Therefore, practice making music. Employ your ten stringed instrument. Make it loud so that there will be music in the air!

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