You Need To Weed and Feed

Although Summer is my favorite time of the year, it can also be a frustrating time. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the beauty on display in the form of great plants, warm beaches, flowers in bloom, etc. But one of the points of frustration can be characterized by one word: WEEDS. Have you ever put tremendous time and effort into your lawn such that it looks the way you want it and then WEEDS find their way into your creation of love? It happens.

Usually, when I arrive at my point of frustration due to the appearance of weeds, the Lord begins to turn it into a teaching moment. On one recent day, I was relaxing and looking at my lawn. From one view, it looked pretty good. I was pleased with the appearance. Later that day, I looked out again from a different vantage point and then I saw them. WEEDS creeping into the back portion of the lawn. I immediately thought about getting Weed and Feed to help the lawn. That is when the thoughts and conversation changed.

Did you know this scenario happens in our lives on a frequent basis? Imagine the grass is the outcome of all of the “seed” that has been planted in your lives through preaching, teaching, living and reading the Gospel. Through the labor of those sent by God to pour into your lives, a nice, healthy “lawn” appears. At some point, additional thoughts (seed) are planted in our lives that are not aligned with Biblical truths. When we allow them to take root and we begin to believe them, we see WEEDS growing in what once was a beautiful lawn. If the WEEDS are not uprooted, they can damage or destroy the entire lawn.

For those who have spent any time doing yard work, you realize that you must kill the weed at its root or it will continue to come back over and over again. For instance, a Dandelion, which tries to disguise itself as a flower, is an annoying weed. If you only cut the flower portion, it continues to live and eventually produces seed to spread across the lawn. You can only defeat it by uprooting it.

Non-Biblical and misaligned facts have to be treated the same way in your lives. When others attempt to plant “seeds” in your lives that are not aligned with Biblical principles, or circumstances arise from a non-Biblical “root”, you need to uproot them. Find the cause, not the symptom, and address it thereby uprooting it. Not facing situations do not make them go away. Be certain that only Godly truths take root. Take the Apostle Paul’s advice in Philippians 4:8 where he tells us how to focus our thoughts

Agree with me and let’s keep the weeds out and only feed the Truth!

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