What Are You Giving?

It is that time of year again. Thanksgiving Day is upon us. Many people dislike this holiday while others look forward to the feast. So many traditions and activities. I am sure you have your special ones. Maybe you attend a high school football game in the morning followed by a Thanksgiving meal in the afternoon. Maybe you are older and try to relive your glory days by playing a “friendly” flag football game where the winner gets family bragging rights. For some reason, those games become more intense than they should.

With all of the activities, travel, interactions with family and friends, we often forget the precious opportunity we have in front of us. It is the opportunity to give thanks to the Lord. Like the Psalmist who wrote Psalm 100, we have an opportunity to shout, sing and give thanks for all that He has done! Some of you may not feel like it because you had a rough year, month, week or day, but that is the best time to give thanks. When you are not sure what lies ahead, you thank Him for His faithfulness and His promises to you. Also, you thank Him for victories and deliverance in the past.

When you give thanks, it improves your perspective of life. Even though you may have endured trials, He brought you through them! No matter your circumstance, there are others who have more difficult situations than you. Be thankful that you can see another day! Be thankful that you have an opportunity to share another Thanksgiving with others even if you do not like them! Be thankful that you can experience a meal even though it may not be all of your favorite foods (I do not like macaroni and cheese, but I am sure it will be on the table!).

Additionally, you have an opportunity to express your thanks and gratitude to others who have done good things for you. I know it is difficult for some to express their feelings, but I know you can do it! Your expression of thanks to others does not have to be a long, emotional speech, but a simple “thank you for what you have done” will suffice.

Finally, we must remember the holiday is named, “Thanksgiving”. By the name itself, it denotes the giving of thanks. Our day should consist of giving thanks to the Lord, to family, to friends and any others who have made a positive impact on our lives. Do not devalue the day with only watching television or doing activities. Make it purposeful by blessing someone with your expression of gratitude. Give Thanks This Year!

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