It's You and Me

Have you ever felt like you were thrust into a situation that you were not prepared to handle? For some, public speaking invokes a feeling of being unprepared. For others, being thrust into a leadership role could make you feel inadequate to perform the job. Whatever the circumstance, you find yourself in a position for which life did not seem to prepare you. Our reactions vary but they may consist of nervous shaking, a quivering voice, a racing heart, loss of appetite and many other reactions not listed here.

I remember an incident years ago when a very good friend of mine was planning her wedding. At one point, she turned to me and asked if my wife and I could sing a duet during the wedding. Shock overwhelmed me followed by a period of silence. She looked at me and said something to the effect that it would mean a lot to her. Later that day, I told my wife and she was quickly onboard with the idea but she could tell I was still in a state of shock. It was an easy request for my wife to fulfill because she has a beautiful voice and can sing almost anything to perfection. Then there was me. I sang very well in the background but the request was for a duet. It became clear to me that others would hear my voice. Challenging to say the least! So, I proceeded to spend the next couple of months trying to find a way out of it but my friend would not budge. Eventually the day came to sing and with a flushed face, I made it through the duet. Phew!

On that day, I learned something. This lesson was so important that it became part of my thought process in life whenever I encounter a situation that seems too big for me. No matter the odds of success or the emotions racing through my body, I have learned the confidence-building statement, “It is You and Me!” Each time I utter this statement, it puts my emotions, fears, and thoughts in check because I release everything to the Lord. I literally let Him know that success will ONLY come through Him so I will trust Him to get me through the situation. By putting the burden on the Lord, I function better, my thoughts are clearer and His will is done in me.

Will you join me today and say, “It’s You and Me”?

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