Have you ever come to the end of a day when all you can say is, “I’ve failed!” You know, those days when it seems that nothing has gone right for you? Those days where every test you have taken seemingly ends up in failure? Everyone has experienced those moments. Never feel like you are the only one to have these experiences! There is a large crowd of successful people who first experienced failure. Failure in business. Failure in school. Failure with their family. Failure in ministry. Yes, ministry.

Part of the way the Lord teaches us is to experience failure in some part of our lives. Failure causes us to realize that we are not perfect and we surely do not know everything. It should cause us to lean on the Lord more than we lean on ourselves. What determines your success is whether you can learn the lessons only found in failure while keeping faith in the Lord to make all things right.

Peter experienced colossal failure for all generations to see. He declared to Jesus in Matthew 26:31-35 that he would never leave Jesus. I can picture him standing there before Jesus and the others. He was probably standing with confidence and absolute resolve in his declaration to Jesus. Rather than getting a pat on the back, Jesus immediately told Peter that he would deny Him before the morning. Peter must have been shocked but it turned out that Jesus was correct. The Bible describes the remorse Peter experienced once he realized he had failed just as Jesus had predicted. Peter had hit rock bottom. Through tears, he probably said, “I’ve Failed!”

When we fail, we must realize:

  1. No one, except Jesus, is perfect

  2. Everyone has failed in life

  3. Your future success depends on how you process this moment of failure

When failure presents itself, focus your attention on Jesus. Remember that Peter recovered from his failure and became instrumental in the spreading of the Gospel. Take time to meditate on the Bible verses found in Philippians 4:13 and Romans 8:37.

Failure is never the end of the story. Failure is your pathway to success!

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