Ashley Estrada

Apostle Ashley C. Estrada is the Founder and President of Kingdom Life International Christian Center, on the beautiful island of St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands and Kissimmee, Florida.  In addition to having been a pastor for over 30 years, Apostle Estrada has served as a father to many pastors and ministers.  In this capacity, God has used him to be an avenue for causing divine connections to take place. Many have been given the opportunity to travel with Apostle Estrada on missionary trips to various parts of the world. Apostle Estrada delivers a strong apostolic word and also operates in the prophetic and healing gifts.


The apostolic aspect of the vision of Apostle Estrada’s is the birthing of churches in various states and countries of the world.  His organization, Ashley Estrada Ministries, exists to provide the whole counsel of God to all who will receive it.  His vision to spread God’s Word around the world has taken him to Japan more than 40 times, where he is assisting pastors, giving guidance and as a result many churches experience growth.  He has also ministered in several parts of the United States, Great Britain, the Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa, Albania, India and the Ukraine, as well as several countries throughout the Caribbean.  


Apostle Estrada believes that the Word of God is relevant to the whole man. He is an avid proponent of the necessity of having multiple streams of income.  Using funding from his natural health business (Ashley Enterprises), his legal and identity theft insurance business (as an independent associate of Legal Shield), and his non-profit organization, the Ashley Estrada Ministries (AEM), he provides year-long financial support to an orphanage of over 900 children in Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria, and to 15 pastors and students in various countries around the world.


His love for God and heart of compassion has kept him saying yes to be God’s hands outstretched to the world. Many can testify to hearing him say, “My heart is to help people”.


Apostle Estrada resides in Kissimmee Florida with his wife Pastor Marcia and is the proud father of Joel, Kenneth, Kristel, Jesse, and Jeriah and the grandfather of Ja’el, Kezia, Ethan, and Kenneth Mark Cole.




Africa Missions:


We are blessed to be a part of the impact the gospel is making in the continent of Africa.  As we minister to the hearts of pastors and their congregations, we see the kingdom of God continuing to expand greatly.


In addition to our participation in conferences and church services, AEM helps to support over 900 orphans in Gospel Village, Nigeria and has assisted in providing beds for some of the dormitories.



Asia Missions:


The Lord has blessed us with an open door into Japan and the Phillippines and with the help of our partners, Asia continues to be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are strengthening the churches and giving aid to many that we are in partnership.